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Our anti-bacterial & hypo-allergenic comb is healing, clarifying and kind to the scalp. It's natural properties helps to reduces dandruff, frizziness and hair fall. In addition, it helps to promotes hair growth and purifies the hair follicles and strands.

Neem Wood Hair Comb

    • Promotes hair growth as it improves blood flow to the scalp helping the hair follicle get maximum nutrients.


    • It nourishes the hair as the natural oils in your scalp get equally distributed across the hair which reduces hair breakage and hair fall


    • Helps to get rid of pollutants. Unlike metal and plastic combs that attract these substances because of their heavy charge, the Neem wood helps to clear these substances.


    • Prevent greasiness as the Neem wood evenly distributes the scalp oils across the hair strands.


    • Plastic and metal combs have a positive electrical charge whilst your hair has a negative charge. Therefore using a plastic or metal comb attracts more frizz and static hair.


    • Neem wood is carbon based just like your hair, skin and scalp. It's organic and hypo-allergenic so it is unlikely to cause any reaction.


    • The Neem tree is highly sustainable making it a perfect choice.
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