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About US

Hair Veda is a UK-based company, specialising in organic and vegan hair oils. Hair Veda offers a natural approach to help regrow, repair and strengthen hair by using a blend of the finest organic and vegan natural ingredients. Our herbal remedy is inspired by the historic principles of Ayurveda, an ancient holistic healing system, which originated in India.


Hair Veda was created in the hope of providing a natural herbal solution to hair health. Our journey began from a deep personal experience, after recognising the impact hair loss had in my immediate family, I developed a strong desire to try and address the challenges of hair loss. My nearest and dearest have suffered with hair loss from various causes such as cancer treatments like chemotherapy and alopecia areata, this opened my eyes to the common struggle many adults face.

In 2020, a loved on suffered with severe hair loss due to a condition called Alopecia Areata, leaving them with several bald patches across their head. We tried many products and sought numerous medical advice however, we were offered limited to no hope. For those who suffer with hair loss or live with someone who does, it can be a very difficult time and it can leave you feeling helpless. After witnessing first hand the impact this had on their confidence and mental state, I refused to accept that nothing could be done and decided to take matters into my own hands. I felt it was extremely important to find a natural alternative to medication and in my attempts to find a natural solution, Hair Veda was born!

It was through revisiting the ancient wisdom instilled within me and researching a variety herbal ingredients, I discovered the power of the plant. Our special blend of natural, organic plant-based ingredients transformed the patches into a full head of hair.


Our aim is to help fight hair loss and thinning and help improve hair growth and quality for everyone, all through natural ingredients. We fully understand that hair struggles can be a difficult thing to experience and we pride ourselves on being able to offer support to our customers. 


Our products are made to fit in with our ethos for achieving a healthy head of hair using natural, organic ingredients with minimal processing. 


Our oils are made from a blend of the finest natural highest quality oils. All oils are organic which means we can be sure that our products are produced to the highest ethical and environmental standards. We have chosen not to add in any additional ingredients to alter the aroma of our oils, so that it can remain completely natural and can focus on it's core purpose.

We do not test on animals or use ingredients in our products that have been tested on animals. Our oils do not contain any preservatives, chemicals, parabens, artificial colours or sodium laurel sulfate. We are vegan and gluten-free friendly. In addition, we are committed to being environmentally responsible and therefore our products and packaging are reusable and recyclable.

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