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Jainie, UK

"Really works! I've been using the Avani hair oil for a few months now. It's really helped with my postpartum hair loss. Noticed the hairs grew back much faster this time. Overall my hair feels stronger and thicker. It washes out very easily too and as a lovely aroma,"

Amrit, UK

"I've recently switched to using this hair oil and i'm glad I did. I would highly recommend it for anyone who is looking for a natural product that doesn't leave your hair greasy once washed. Instead my hair feels well nourished for days after and it smells amazing. The added bonus is the well designed bottle with a drip applicator.

Naeem, UK

Hair growth oils


Hair loss help.

organic and vegan hair oil

“This product has transformed my life. I suffer with Alopecia Areata and since using this product I have noticed a significant hair re-growth. I have tried many other herbal treatments for my condition and none have really worked as effectively as this one. I have never wanted to use conventional medicine and always have been an advocate for herbal remedies and this one is perfect. It has given me my confidence back and you need to trust the process."

 Micha, UK

“I turned vegetarian a couple of years ago and noticed a real decline in my hair and scalp health. Having tried supplements and commercial hair oils to no avail, I decided to try something more natural and was recommended this by a friend. My hair is noticeably less frizzy without the need to apply heat and my scalp feels so much more refreshed, even after a few days without washing. I’m really pleased with the results already and can’t wait to see what long term use will bring!.”

 Sonam, UK

“Absolutely love this! I've suffered with scalp psoriasis for a few years now and have struggled to find scalp/hair products that work or show any results. Hair Veda was recommended by a friend and after using the Avani hair oil for about a month now I can definitely see an improvement in how my scalp feels and with the quality of my hair. As my husband previously had alopecia areata, I've now started to use this product on his hair and he's starting to notice many benefits. Hair Veda has become a part of a Sunday self-care routine!”

Nitesh, UK

"After years of struggling with hair loss and trying various products, I stumbled upon Hair Veda.
Used it consistently for 6 months and noticed a considerable difference. My hair loss has reduced and I'm also noticing new growth. My hair feels much thicker, stronger and healthier.
I'm using the Sabal version with Garlic. 3 times a week, massaging it into the scalp. I always warm it up a little as I find it helps and leave for a few hours and then wash it off.
Be consistent, patient and have faith in it. Would highly recommend. Also the customer service is amazing."

Karishma, UK

"I have been using Hair Veda oil for the last few weeks and I love it! Makes my hair feel so shiny and smooth. Hair oiling has always been a big part of my hair routine and I love when I find an oil that actually works!"

Amiee, UK

"Was recommended this Ayurvedic hair oil and I have to say I'm really pleased with the product. You can definitely tell it's natural and it's really helped to make my hair feel more silky and has reduced the amount of hair fall I was suffering with”

 Shreya, UK

“Really love this product! Can definitely feel the difference in my hair - less frizzy and much softer. Definitely recommend! Also really love the bottle and dropper it comes with, makes it so much easier to apply!”

Hair growth oils


Hair loss help.

organic and vegan hair oil

 Lisa, UK

“Fantastic product, always suffered with thinning of hair. Really noticed the difference, feeling much happier with my hair condition, would highly recommend to anyone.”
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