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The Ultimate Hair Growth Kit to nurse your hair back to health!


Sending you all that you need to regrow, repair and strengthen your hair. Our Happy Hair Kits come in two different variations, Avani or Sabal, which is tailored to your concerns and preference.


What's included:

Avani - Happy Hair Kit

1 x 50 ml Avani Hair Growth Oil 

1 x Neem Wood Comb

1 x Orange Silk Scrunchie

1x Orange Floral Claw Clip


Sabal - Happy Hair Kit 

1 x 50 ml Sabal Hair Growth Oil 

1 x Neem Wood Comb

1 x Khaki Silk Scrunchie

1x Khaki Floral Claw Clip

Please note: The Sabal Hair Growth oil has the addition of garlic which according to Ayurvedic practices helps those with severe hair loss. The added garlic means, this oil will have a garlic aroma)


Happy Hair Kit

SKU: 0005
£44.99 Regular Price
£38.25Sale Price

South Asian Heritage Sale

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